The Vegetation

After years of abandonment without regular land maintenance, invasive and exotic species proliferated on Hassel Island, threatening the native vegetation.  The NPS and the St. Thomas Historical Trust are working hard to eliminate the invasive species, cultivate native plants, and restore balance to Hassel Island’s ecosystem.

Cactus on Hassel Island
Cactus on Hassel Island

While visiting Hassel Island, keep an eye out for a few noticeable Native Species:

Turk’s cap cactus, Melocactus intortus
Seagrape, Coccoloba uvifera
Century plant, Agave missionum


On Hassel Island, you will find the densest population of wild white frangipanis in all of Virgin Islands National Park.  Enjoy their spectacular foliage and blossoms!

White frangipani blossom, Plumeria alba

Look out for Christmas Bush, and steer clear!

A poisonous plant, do not touch!
A poisonous plant, do not touch! *


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