Hassel Island Trail Revitalization

Historic Trails Project:  In 2011, Virgin Islands National Park received an Active Trails Grant from the National Park Foundation to partially fund this project.  The additional funding necessary to complete this large scale revitalization was provided by the Vento Foundation, gifts from many generous donors, and the Diageo Foundation (for the maintenance of the trail from Prince Frederik’s Battery to Cowell’s Battery & Signal Station).  The Hassel Island Historic Trails Project recreated the historic passage that served as the main linkage between the many significant maritime historic sites on the island.  This trail system provides an interpreted tour of local heritage sites for residents and tourists alike, along with a destination for educational and recreational outdoor activity.  The project concluded with a culmination event, presenting the completed trail system to the public and involving community groups and partner organizations.

Hospitable and Sustainable Trails Project:  Funded in part by the National Park Foundation’s Impact Grant, this project added finishing touches to the new historic trail system on Hassel Island, creating a safe, welcoming and eco-friendly recreation area for the community and park tourists to use and enjoy.  Also under this project, Virgin Islands National Park procured and installed park benches across Hassel Island, enhancing visitor comfort along the trail system.

Work and maintenance on Hassel Island’s trail system and many historic sites is ongoing.  The St. Thomas Historical Trust is still seeking funds to complete the trail interpretation, landscaping, preservation efforts, and the addition of visitor amenities on Hassel Island.