Learn about the historic sites and structures on Hassel Island, and see where each is located by clicking on the trail map number at the top of each page.

Creque Marine Railway
1. Creque Marine Railway
2. Leprosarium
Shipley's Battery
3. Shipley's Battery
Hamburg American Line
4. Hamburg American Line
Historic Barge
5. Historic Barge
Lime Kiln
6. Lime Kiln
Brondsted & Co. Wharf
7. Brondsted & Co. Wharf
1801 British Officers’ Quarters
8. 1801 British Officers’ Quarters
Hazzell Family Cemetery
9. Hazzell Family Cemetery
1801 British Barracks Complex
10. 1801 British Barracks Complex
11. Hospital
Cowell’s Battery & Signal Station
12. Cowell’s Battery & Signal Station
Prince Frederik’s Battery
13. Prince Frederik’s Battery
Garrison House
14. Garrison House