Garrison House

Garrison House Site14
Survey map drafted prior to the construction of the Garrison House

From 1807 to 1815, the British occupied the Danish West Indies for a second time during the Napoleonic Wars.  The majority of the construction for the forces stationed on Hassel Island took place during the first occupation.  The Garrison House was the only major site added after 1807.

Due to architectural and historical similarities to a structure in Barbados, researchers have agreed that the Garrison House was used as a Board of Ordnance Stores building.  This type of historical structure was used to house and protect weapons, munitions and military equipment.  The Garrison House is just one story tall with a high, vaulted metal roof.  The small windows are located towards the top of the walls and protected with interior and exterior shutters.  All of these attributes, along with the thickness of the stone walls, create a cool and well-fortified interior space, perfect for storing ammunition.  In addition, the structure was protected by a wood palisade fence which enclosed it.


The following images show the site in its current conditions:

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